Decolonizing Education Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

On behalf of the Board and Staff of the Equity in Education Coalition, I want to welcome you to the 2021 Decolonizing Education Conference!

Back in 2019, we launched the conference with the intention of centering the voices and experiences of communities of color, discussing the issues we face created by colonial white supremacy, and move towards solutions.  It became very clear very quickly that having a space that centers our experiences was healing and we needed to create more space for networking, understanding, and healing.

Over the course of the three days, we will be diving into a deeper understanding of what it means to Decolonize education, de-center white culture, and build an educational system that is based on relationship building — and not only standardized testing.

With the Pandemic happening, though we are committed to hosting this event online if needed, we hope that we will be in a phase to allow us to come together in-person to build a more vibrant educational system that views our children as brilliant scholars, celebrates the assets of our communities, evolves our public schools to value relationship building, and creates a more equitable world.

In Solidarity,

Sharonne Navas

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Harium Martin-Morris

EEC Board President

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